Haunted Sylvania Ohio

Miranda Moonlight has been collecting the curious since she began her career as a journalist two decades ago.  Research, interviews, and investigations performed during her work on news reporting and writing projects often unearthed interesting tidbits, little-known factoids that she carefully placed in a special file labeled "Curious."  While not appropriate for the projects she was working on at the time, these mysterious morsels were, nonetheless, far too fascinating to be tossed aside and lost from memory. 


From police officers with ghosts in the attic to 20th century witch trials (in Ohio!) and all the murderous mayhem in between, the file grew and grew until one day, there was no more room and nothing left to do but set them free.  So she did. 

The stories were sent out into the world to thrill, horrify, and enlighten minds with their whispered truths, one wickedly wild word at a time.