Time Lost in a Shroud of Mystery

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Democratic Enquirer (McArthur, Ohio) June 9, 1869
The Lost Day of Miss J.B. Freeman

Two mysterious unexplained events, 50 years apart, eerily similar yet with only one visible connection: both happened on the road into Sylvania.


Democratic Enquirer, June 9 1869 (McArthur, Ohio)

Strange Abduction in Toledo.

The Toledo Blade gives the following account of a strange case of abduction which recently occurred in that city:

"A girl about fourteen years of age, daughter of Mr. J. B. Freeman, who lives on Eleventh street, near Indiana avenue, attends school at the convent. On Monday afternoon last, after returning from school, she went from the house a short distance, the time being about five o'clock, to look for a pet dog that had gone to a neighbor's yard. While absent from the house she was accosted by a well-dressed, tall, genteel-looking, black-eyed, black whiskered individual, who asked her if she could tell him where a Mr. Hamilton lived. She gave him the information, when he said he thought there must be some mistake about it; he had been walking around the neighborhood indicated, for some time, but could not find the house, and asked her if she would please accompany him to the place and show him the residence. She consented to do so, and after taking the dog home returned to where the man was awaiting her, and walked with him some distance toward the house, which she pointed out to him. Thanking her politely for her trouble, he then extended to the girl a little nosegay that he had been carrying in his hand, and begged her to accept it as a return for her kindness. She accepted the flowers and put them to her nose.

"From that time Miss Freeman has but a vague recollection of occurrences for several hours. She says that at one time she remembers walking on the streets in a strange part of the city, with the same unknown companion near her, and asked him to take her back to her home; but he merely gave a little chuckling laugh, and said; "Ah, ha, my little duck, I've got you now!" The next she remembered she was riding in a close covered carriage, alone with the stranger who was sitting opposite to her. At that time he told her that she was completely in his power, and she must tell him where her father kept his money; if she did not tell, the consequences would be terrible, both to her and to the family. But the poor girl protested that she knew nothing about her father's money, or where he kept it. The stranger then said he was her father's deadly enemy, and he would yet have further vengeance on him, this having been a part of his plans.

"Miss Freeman again became unconscious, and her next recollection of events was about ten o'clock that night, when, on awaking from her stupor, she was lying on the door steps of the residence of Mr. E. Upton, some three or four miles from the city, on the Sylvania road. Her arms were fastened at the wrists, being tightly bound with a veil that had been taken from her head.

"Regaining her feet she walked to the door and rapped, and soon succeeded in arousing the family, when she was admitted and told her pitiful story. While in the house she discovered that a gold breast pin with coral setting had been taken from her neck, and a plain gold ring from her finger."


The Mansfield News, June 15 1923 (Mansfield, Ohio)

Missing Toledo Grocer is Home Again; Can't Explain

TOLEDO, June 15- Menthorn L. Scott, prominent grocer returned to his home today as mysteriously as he left last Monday. Scott said he was unable to explain his action. Friends believe that he has suffered an attack of aphasia. A physician was called to attend him.

Scott left his home last Monday in a truck to buy chicken feed at Sylvania. Twelve hours later his deserted truck was found on Manhattan Boulevard and police for hours scoured the nearby swamps believing he had been murdered as he was carrying a considerable sum in currency.

Missing time? Was it malevolent magic, or merely man-made mischief? All roads lead to Sylvania for the answer... A place those who know better have named Haunted Sylvania.


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